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Currently there are only Jaguar in America, they are descended from old world cats. Two million years ago, scientists believe, the jaguar and the next of kin, the leopard came from a common ancestor in Asia. At the beginning of the Pleistocene era, pioneer of modern jaguars crept in Beringia, a land bridge that once spanned the Bering Strait that connects between Asia and North America.

Jaguar ancestors then moved south into Central America and South America, they live by eating deer and other animals that live in grasslands but not Zebra.

Jaguar is the animal felines are classified in the genus Panthera. This animal is a wild cat after the tiger and the third lion, Jaguar is also the largest cat in the western hemisphere.

Although Jaguar is including wild animals, but the animals are almost extinct because it would not hurt if the kids know Jaguar by coloring jaguar pictures presented below. Download free printable jaguar coloring pages for your kids !.

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