Zebra Coloring Pages

Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zebra is an animal that is very similar to the horse because it came from the same famili, the difference with the horse is in the body there is a line of mottled black and white.

Streaks in zebra body give some advantage to this four-legged animals from Africa this streaks can fool predators because of the color of they spots, can break down the contours of his body flat on the large, disguise the original zebra, especially when moving, making predators such as tigers or lion becomes difficult to catch.

The remarkable thing is that the zebra child was born, they was able to stand almost perfectly straight and one hour after birth, zebra child was able to ran. This is a great wonderfull of nature.

For boys and girls below is a few picture of zebra for your coloring activity, paint this zebra printable coloring pages.

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