Corn Coloring Pages Printable

Corn is one of the world's most important food crops, except wheat and rice. As the main carbohydrate source in Central and South America, corn is also an alternative source of food in the United States.

Aside from being a source of carbohydrates, corn is also grown as animal feed, oil taken (of grain), made ​​of flour (of grain, known as corn flour or cornstarch), and industrial raw materials (grain flour and flour from the cob).

Corn cobs containing pentose , which is used as raw material for the manufacture of furfural. Genetically engineered corn has also now grown as a producer of pharmaceutical ingredients.

In general, a single plant can produce only one ear productive despite having a number of female flowers. Some varieties can produce more than one cob productive, and called the prolific varieties. Male flowers are ready for pollination of corn likely 2-5 days earlier than female flowers.

After we give you a little explanations about the corn and why is corn important, now we will share corn coloring pages printable with you.  Download all the corn printable coloring pages for kids below by clicking the images. On this pages you can also download corn cartoon.

corn cartoon

corn coloring bookcorn coloring pages for kids

corn coloring pages for thanksgivingcorn coloring pages printable

corn coloring pagescornfield printable kids coloring pages

harvesting the corn field printable kids coloring sheetKids picking corn for thanksgiving coloring pages

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